Ultrasonic Scaler U600

Ultrasonic Scaler U600

  • Intelligent power outpot
  • Experience painless treatment

Sine Wave Drive

  • Avoid pain caused by power surge; ensuring comfortable treatment

Intelligent Touching System

  • Clear control panel
  • Ultra-sensitive
  • Waterproof design

Automatic Water Supply System

  • Easy To change water, eliminating redudant steps
  • Hydrogen peroxide, sodium hypochlorite, and cholrhexidine is available
  • Clear 50ml scale mark makes it covenient for formulating liquid

Detachable Handpiece With Light 

  • Detachable handpiece with light enables better visibility and adopts new sealing technique, bringing patients comfortable scaling

High-quality Handpiece

  • Aluminum shell can be autoclaved, causing no cracking or deformation
  • Advanced handpiece sealing technique enables long durability
  • User-friendly design brings better holding feeling

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