Owning one or more dental practices is an alternative option to stock market, or saving in long term. Well managed dental practice will make approximately 20-25 per cent profit margin, and banks will lend you with excellent rates.

Signing the confidentiality agreement for protecting your own and seller’s information before having access to the appraisal report is the first step. Next step will be talking to your accountant to prepare a budget plan for your personal and office expenses and taxes which is very important. Afterwards, you need to check out the information found in the appraisal like charts counting and equipment.

We can help you with introducing accountants, lawyers, and bankers to hire. These are professionals that have extreme knowledge and experience in their business. You will also be awarded certain privileges and trust extended to you by financial institutions.

Obtaining a legal advice on the agreement of the purchase and sale will be the next step, our brokers will intermediate between lawyers, accountants, and financial institutions. We will be by your side in all above procedures, and will do our best to protect your benefits by means of our experienced and professional team.