LED Curing Light B-CURE

More Human-friendly Design

  • B-Cure adopts ergonomic design with smooth lines and small size. Doctors can easily hold it

3 Seconds For Curing 

  • B-Cure is equipped with 5w LED
  • The maximun light intensity can reach 2000mw/cm² with such a small size
  • Curing normal resin that is thicker than 2mm in three seconds
  • Play an important role in cementation of all-ceramic restoration and orthodontic bracket

Ortho Mode

  • In the orthodontics mode that is unique to B-Cure, the light intesity automatically adjusts to 2000 mw/cm²
  • The user can set the single curing time for 3s or 5s, and the device will automatically conduct 10 circles of curing with interval of 1s
  • One operation can basically finish the cementation of 2 to 3 brackets, which reduce operations and improves efficiency

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